About Me

ADFC Member 

Born in Valencia (Spain) and passionate about cinema since he was 7 years old, he became interested in cinema for first time watching the movie “Labyrinth” by David Bowie. He studied cinematography at the renowned Escac school in Barcelona, where he had the opportunity to learn of great masters like Tomás Pladevall, Arnau Valls or Xavi Gimenez among others.


In 2010 moved to Bogotá (Colombia) and stayed there for 7 years. In 2018 he returned to Spain and settled down in Valencia. but his love for Colombia makes him remain constantly living between Colombia and Spain.


He has experience in featured films, music videos, commercials, and has worked for production companies like Netflix,  Zeta Cinema, Dynamo, Sony, Demente, 36 grados, Imaginaria Films, Solar Cinema, Vessmedia, NatGeo, Presente, Turbo, Where Next, among others.


He was a Canon ambassador between 2012 - 2014 and shared his experiences as a cinematographer in different workshops for photographers and videographers.


He has shot music videos for some top artists like David Bisbal, Ana Guerra, J Balvin, Sebastian Yatra, Lalo Ebratt, Greeicy, Mike Towers, Yera, and Aitana among others. Films like “”El Vecino” from Nacho Vigalondo, “The Boy" from Craig Macnaill, "Fucking Games" from Spiros Stathoulopoulos, and "Bad Lucky Goat" from Samir Oliveros, the last one had the world premiere in the film festival SXSW in Austin (TX).  Some of the films which he has worked on have been recognized and awarded in different festivals around the world.


Also has worked for brands like Nestlé, Suzuki, Ford, Honda, Éxito, Motorola, Carrefour, Avianca, Heineken, Domino´s Pizza, Caracol, Antena 3, Metro Medellin and many more.


As a cinematographer he has been recognized in Variety, IndieWire and the Hollywood Reporter.